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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Foxy Lady

When I started writing this blog a couple of years ago, I had lots of ideas as to what it would become. I haven't become rich and famous and probably never will but it has become an avenue to talk my passion in life to those folks who are kind enough to read the blog.  Working in the animal field and owning pets fuels my list of stories to tell.  The list is becoming very long as the hours in a day just aren't enough for me to accomplish all that I want and need to get done.  Never the less, there are times when it is important to make the time in an effort to share something that has moved me. Today is one of those days.

I first met Lilly, the Foxhound, about 6 years ago when she moved here from Canada.   Her owner is a nutritionist who adopted her from her nutritional research program when the studies were completed.  She told me that no one else would adopt Lilly because she was so quiet and laid back. The other adoptable dogs apparently were more desirable because they were much more lively and active.  Lilly was quite the opposite:  a lovely, quiet, gentle soul who was truly the perfect dog. I got to know Lilly as she came to work frequently and was often seen wondering the halls looking for the next person who would give her some attention. I' m quite sure that in all the years I knew her, I never once heard her bark! Despite her quiet demeanor, she still enjoyed "dog stuff.". She frequently went for walks, bike rides and the yearly trip to the remote cottage in Canada.  I later became great friends with both of Lilly's owners and had the honor of providing veterinary care for her on occasion.  Sadly, Lilly developed cancer this year and a decision had to be made. Lilly crossed the bridge yesterday and moved on to a world with no more pain and suffering.

Decisions such as these are heart wrenching.  The ability to end pain and suffering for our beloved pets is truly the ultimate gift we can give them. It is a selfless act but our hearts do suffer as a result. It really speaks to the iron strong bonds and relationships that develop between humans and animals. Animals become deeply weaved into our lives and hearts.  Unconditional love is hard to come by these days but never ending when a cat or dog enters your life. When they are gone, a large void remains.  Of course grief runs its course and we all manage to move on, but always they remain part of our lives.  You are missed Lilly.  May angels greet thee at thy coming.