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The Feline Boys

BW is the shy guy in our group.  He's a big beautiful long haired black & white.  We adopted  him from the humane society when he was about 4 months old.  He had been rescued off the streets and had been in a foster home.  I picked him because of the huge black smudge on his nose and because he was shy.  I worried he would have hard time getting adopted otherwise.  He loves only us.  When we have visitors, we don't see him for the duration of our guests' visit.  He has a secret hiding spot in the closet which is his safe place.  His favorite past time is chasing Greenie treats across the laminate floor.  Greg has trained him to come with a whistle as he knows that means treat time.  Despite his shyness, he is like the big brother who gets along with the other cats.


Harry was found at a local metropark last year on the last warm weekend of the year.  Had we not brought him home, I fear he would have become coyote dinner.  The stray cats really know how to turn the charm on or I just have "sucker" written all over.  Probably the latter, but never the less, Harry ended up with a permanent residence due to a heart murmur that I found on his initial exam.  It's difficult to find homes for healthy cats let alone those with a problem.  His murmur causes him no trouble right now but down the road may cause him issues.  In the mean time, he enjoys his daily meals and loves to go out in the cat pen nearly knocking you over to get out the door. I affectionately call him "fat boy" as he looks like a large, old man with baggy pants from the rear. 


Bruce is my tuxedo boy.  He has perfect tuxedo markings that include a bow tie and a mustache.  He is an adoption from the local humane society but I was not actively seeking a cat when I saw him.  I had made a quick trip to Petsmart for something and always take a peek at the adoption cats when I'm there.  Well, there he was turning on the charm and hitting my "sucker" button.  Next thing he knew, he was outta there.  Bruce's favorite past time is hanging out in the garage on chipmunk watch.  It is not a safe place for little critters when he is in the garage.  He also enjoys sleeping on the convertible top of our car.  I think he would drive it if possible although, he would look quite handsome behind the wheel in his tuxedo.  He has become the master at catching treats with his front paws.  In addition to his tuxedo, he has permanent catcher mitts on the front paws.