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Isabel the Dog

Miss Isabel arrived to the feline palace in July 2012.  It was a bit of an accident that we acquired her as it often is when adopting animals.  She was brought back to life from Parvovirus by a classmate of mine from veterinary school.  The owner had no money to treat her and as my vet friend put on her Facebook page, she "wasn't in to killing puppies that day".  The owners relinquished her to the vet and the rest is history.  She has fit in  nicely with the clan as she is quite "cat like".  She is about the same size as our cats, doesn't bother them much and plays with cat toys when given the chance.  The cats generally ignore her and everyone remains happy.  It has been a bit of an adjustment as there are different needs such as going outside and the never ending need for her to chew on something.  Fortunately "something" has been primarily tissues from the garbage, entire rolls of toilet paper and G's flip flops.  Of course she has a huge toy box full of big fluffy, squeaky toys but the toilet paper must be like potato chips are for me.  She is a delight and I'm certain she is the cutest dog on the planet. 

Dog Shaming 101

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