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Over the Bridge

My dearest Aunt Bea died August 31, 2013.  She was 19 years and 7 months old.  Her little old body finally was worn out.  I miss her terribly and so wish I could still give her a kiss on the head. 


Aunt Bea is my soul mate. I first met her 7 years ago as a nutritional research associate at the pet food company where I work and she quickly won me over.  She was later  retired from the program and moved into her second life as an addition to my household.  She now goes by Bea as she feels the "Aunt" title ages her and she is not related to Opie or Andy.  She is nearly 18 years old and in pretty good health.  She has had  problems with urinary stones over the last couple of years and she is hyperthyroid  but she has aged gracefully and most people are amazed at her age. She hates to be picked up but loves strong head butts and belly rubs in bed where she sleeps nearly every night with me.  She enjoys spending time outside in our cat pen and hanging out in the catnip.  Her favorite toy is a big  purple 'loofa dog".  I want her to live forever.....

Sadly, we lost Morticia in May 2012 to an oral tumor on her lower jaw.  She lived to a ripe old age of 18 yrs and 5 months!  She is missed by the humans in the house but not so much by the feline clan.  She pretty much stayed to herself and didn't get in their way unless it was over a Greenie as she bowled any of them over to consume it.  I miss seeing her in her spot in the bathroom where she spent all of her time until the last couple of months when she slept in bed right next to me.  Oh yeah, she was a bed hog too.  May angels greet thee at thy coming......

Morticia is another adoptee from my place of work. She was a long time research associate who was retired and ready to go into a home. I'm a sucker for the geriatrics and black & white cats so away she went with me one evening after work. She is also an old lady coming upon her 18th birthday in January 2012. 
Her preferred place of residence is the hallway bathroom. She has a very plush cat bed that sits next to the toilet (over the heating vent) where she spends about 23.5 hours of the day. Now, she is not locked in there as she can come and go as she pleases. She ventures out to eat and visit us downstairs when we are eating dinner. When I have guests over, they are a bit unnerved by the cat watching them during their private moments in the latrine. She is good at keeping secrets so she never reveals any info. What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom.

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