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The Feline Girls


Tonks is the most recent addition to the clan.  She was rescued from the streets as a starved, skinny young cat who I could not ignore.  She was a charmer  when I found her.    She had her act perfected by the time I found her as she put on a dazzling and charming show of purring, laying in my lap and licking my fingers with sweet kisses.  But now, she is a tornado.  She chases the other cats, knocks everything off my counters and  bites my fingers when I pet her.  I'm just hoping she is making up for lost time and will settle down sooner than later.  She does have her quiet moments but they are few and far between!

Beanie is another rescue story found with a litter of 5 kittens.  She was hanging out on the grounds where I work probably hoping to find some of that excellent pet food we make to help support her young'uns.  I brought her home with the intention of finding homes for all the kittens and her.  Well, you see how that ended up.  She is our beauty queen and affectionately named for coffee beans.  A lovely chocolate coat, stunning blue eyes with an endless stream of chatter.  Obviously there is some Siamese in her bones as she is quite the talker.  I wish I knew what she was saying.  Mostly it sounds like she is yelling or demanding something from us but I have yet to figure it out.  Maybe some day it will be clear as mud (or chocolate).


Last but not least, there is Speedy.  Speedy started out as Bongo kitty who was rescued by a friend who is cat allergic.  In desperation she called me and asked if I would foster her till she found her a home.  This story is a common theme if you haven't caught on by now.  So Speedy, a.k.a. Bongo kitty, stole Greg's heart this time.  They have become pretty good buds and have pretty much left me out of the picture.  I think Speedy is jealous of me so she often displays her dislike of me.  The saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you" is not well understood by Speedy.  But she is quirky and doesn't get in too much trouble so I let her stick around.  She likes watching the birds and chatters at them but she hates to go out in the cat pen.  She's a prima donna in a tiny fur coat.