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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The path

It probably all started when I was about 3 years old, that is my addiction to animals. In particular cats. There is an old home movie of me playing with a litter of kittens and appearing to be enjoying every minute of it. Now of course at that age it was more fun to pick them up by their tails rather than cuddle them but it is cute and fun to watch at this point in my life. Regardless of what encouraged the addiction, it inspired me my to spend my career helping animals as a veterinarian. It really wasn't a decision wrought with a lot of deliberation and I guess I never considered any other options. I have never regretted this path although it has come with many challenges and stressful times.

So, many of my friends do call me a crazy cat lady. I admit that I am probably certifiable at this point in my life. I recently adopted my 6th cat. I don't fit the exact image of that "person" as I am in a relationship, I have a clean house and I'm not old with dementia. As I was going through vet school and the first part of my career it wasn't obvious. I always had pets but they were usually cats and I have always treated both dogs and cats as patients in the clinic. They were somewhat equal in my mind but something started to change. Cats always seem to be the low guy on the totem pole. They often don't get the same respect their counterpart the dog does. This ranges from veterinary care to daily life sustaining care and everything in between. They need advocates so I have become one to speak up for the cat. Aside from that the are loving little creatures who are independent and individually unique.

My goals for this blog are to educate, inform and tell stories that relate to the animal world. In this day and age, where globally there are many issues that affect the relationship people have with animals. Whether it is livestock care issues, animal abuse or the human animal bond. I would like to add my perspective and hopefully the reader will be more thoughtful and understanding when these issues are facing them in their own lives or communities.

As for now, I need to go clean a litter box somewhere and feed the beasts. Cats do rule the household but I wouldn't have it any other way. Until next time...

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