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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Extreme Makeover-Animal Style

As a member of the veterinary community, I have made an effort over the years to support the local animal adoption agencies.  This has ranged from serving on boards of directors to hands on animal care to attending fundraising events.  I recently had an opportunity  to help out a local shelter in a more extreme manner by joining forces with fellow employees from P&G Pet Care to do a shelter makeover.  Now this wasn't quite like the popular TV show with the handsome Ty Penningtion rather it was Extreme Makeover:  Shelter Edition.  We didn't tear down the structure and build a new one in 8 hours or send the staff on an all expense paid vaction  but we did make huge positive impact on the facility  with our many efforts.   P&G has sponsored a makeover of an animal adoption facility in Southwest Ohio yearly for the past 4 years.  P&G donates a matching contribution of $25,000 and lots of volunteers who do a one day face lift of the facility.  The volunteers are all employees of the Pet Care division who take time away from their busy day job to improve the lives of the animals coming through the facility, help increase adoptions by making it a pleasant environment for potential adopters and improve the work environment for the staff and volunteers who tirelessly care for the orphans who need lifesaving help.  The  lucky recipient this year was Humane Society of Greater Dayton (HSGD) in Dayton, Ohio.

Paws for a Cause 2011 got underway bright and early on a beautiful September morning.  We lucked out as the weather earlier in the week was cold and rainy and the forecast for the next day was rain.  Overall, there were about 175 P&G Pet Care employees that descended on the scene to offer up their talents and makeover the building of 17 years.  Projects for the day included painting wall murals, landscaping, installation of agility equipment in the dog parks, cleaning around the exterior of the building, and installation of a patio and new cabinetry inside.  It was really amazing to watch the transformation of the site throughout the day.  Everyone was clearly on a personal mission to ensure the work was completed before the day ended.    Of course, there were lots of folks taking breaks to stop and visit the adoptable dogs and cats.  After all, the animals were the reason we were there.

The mission of HSGD is "building loving relationships between people and pets."  I think this syncs up well with the mission of P&G Pet Care which is "to enhance the health and well-being of more dogs and cats."  Together we can enhance the lives of both people and animals by joining forces to promote pet adoption through shelters and then maintain their health with exceptional nutrition once they are adopted.  We are a pet passionate group of people.  Events like this bring out that passion and help remind us why we are in the animal business.  We came away with the satisfaction that we contributed to the community and made a difference in the lives of people and the animals.  A day of sweat and sore muscles the next is little price to pay to help the orphans needing homes. 

Adopt from your local shelter or rescue, you will be saving a life.  

The troops are arriving.



The patio project

Take me home!
The new agility course.

One of the many artists.

Hangin' with the dogs


  1. Wow! That looks fantastic! Especially the agility course! :D


  2. Great shots! What a difference to the facility and grounds. A day well spent.

  3. Love it. Great pics of an amazing day! Thanks for sharing.